Earn up to 15% ROI
Risk equal to Canadian bank GIC
100% financed, low interest

We pay a premium price for your rooftop/land space
Contribute to a greener, cleaner Ontario

If you have approved OPA application, but do not have finance to build, we can finance your project.

Apollo Solar Rooftop Development Inc. is an Ontario based Solar Photovoltaic company. Apollo Solar provides and installs turnkey rooftop solar systems, as well as other renewable energy products. Apollo Solar is the largest Micro-FIT PV installer in Ontario, and also the biggest PV buyer in Ontario. Apollo Solar in conjunction with JN Roofing provides our customers with over 15 years of roofing development knowledge . In addition to having a large professional sales staff and installation teams. Apollo Solar provides each customer an environmentally friendly roof as well as an excellent financial investment.

Go GREEN AND EARN is our companies promise to all our customers. Following the Ontario Green Energy Act and the introduction of the microFIT program (Feed Cin Tariff) Apollo Solar is helping ensure a greener environment as well as generating guaranteed revenue for 20 years to each and every one of our customers.

Ontario was the first jurisdiction in North America to adopt a European styled Feed In Tariff (FIT) program to stimulate investment in photovoltaic installations and other renewable generation technologies

This program provides for the signing of a 20-year contract with the Government of Ontario, whereby the contract guarantees a fixed amount payable per kilowatt-hour generated from the renewable energy project. Controlled and paid by the Ontario Power Authority.

Proposed O.P.As FIT rates for Photovoltaic Electricity production are as follows: 10kW @ 80.2 cents /kWh 10 - 250kW @ 71.3 250 - 500kW @ 63.5 500 kW @ 53.9 Ground mounted field applications 10MW @ 64.2 cents per kWh Ground mounted field applications 10kW - 10MW @ 44.3 cents per kWh